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Pacific Northwest Native Seed

Restoring Native Plantings
An increasingly significant portion of our work involves sourcing seed for those reclaiming native plantings and expanding natural settings. From landfills to greenways and new subdivisions on the edges of natural areas, the demand for preservation of wild habitat is growing.

Native Seed Solutions
We have developed our native seed mixes to meet demand. Included in these mixes (numbered in the 400s) are grasses, flowers and other species suitable for a wide range of conditions. 

In addition to the native seed mixes found on this site, the following are just some of the individual Northwest native seed we have in stock.  Call us at 503.239.7518 about sourcing any other seed.

  • California Brome – Bromus carinatus
  • Blue Wildrye – Elymus glaucus
  • Native Red Fescue – Festuca rubra
  • Streambank Lupine – Lupinus rivularis
  • Large Leaf Lupine – Lupinus polyphyllus
  • Slough Sedge – Carex obnupta
  • Creeping Spikerush – Eleocharis palustris
  • Soft Rush – Juncus effusus
  • Small-fruited Bulrush – Scirpus microcarpus
  • Slender Wheatgrass – Agropyron pauciflorum
  • Meadow Barley – Hordeum brachyantherum 
  • Western Yarrow – Achillea millefolium occidentalis
  • Idaho Fescue – Festuca idahoensis
  • Turfted Hairgrass – Deschampsia caespitosa 
  • Spike Bentgrass – Agrostis exerata 
  • American Sloughgrass – Beckmannia syzigachne
  • Western Mannagrass – Glyceria occidentalis
  • Spreading Rush - Juncus patens
  • Bluebunch Wheatgrass - Agropyron spicata
  • Prairie Junegrass - Koeleria cristata
  • California Oatgrass - Danthonia californica
  • Roemer's Fescue - Festuca roemeri
  • Water Foxtail - Alopecurus geniculatus
  • Slender Hairgrass - Deschampsia elongata
  • Lance Self-heal - Prunella vulgaris
  • Native Red Fescue - Festuca rubra var rubra
  • Dense Sedge - Carex densa
  • ReGreen, sterile wheat
  • Quickguard